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Detail-Orientated, Made In Europe, Made With Care.

Blanksbysm focuses on creating the best unique blanks that allow designers to communicate their vision with a luxury approach. We understand that the line between luxury and streetwear have disappeared and our mission is to empower brands with an opportunity previously unavailable to them – utilizing true luxury apparel goods as customizable blanks, with no minimums.

velour hoodie

Our Values

BLANKSBYSM is a special blank garment supplier with a strong commitment to excellence. Our factories supply to some of the world’s most renowned brands, artists, organisations, merchandisers, independent labels, and start-ups. Offering retail and wholesale directly without third-party or drop shipping, we have prime distribution points established UK (Mainland) and Europe along with more regions currently being planned for footing. Our vision fulfils the demands of modern contemporary and streetwear while remaining focused on scaling with the future generation.

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