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Here's a brief guide on how to place a Bulk order with Blanksbysm. 

1- Sign Up

To place an order, please create your Wholesale Account with us, it will just take you a couple minutes and after all required information is provided you'll be able to start your purchases.

2- Browse

Select any of our collection products, all made out of Organic Cotton.

3- Add To Cart

Select the desired sizes and quantity you'd like to purchase.

You'll find a Size Chart for every product right below the 'Add to cart' button, also, the Price for each product decreases as you add more quantity to cart. Here's a price breakdown example:

4- Customize

Select the desired sizes and quantity you'd like to purchase.

In order to get those services along your order, just add to cart the desired one:

  • Custom Color Dyeing

First of all, Choose between Regular and Vintage dyeing processes, which will allow you to age your pieces if needed.

Finally, select which quantity range matches better with your selection of pieces already added to cart, basically for us to calculate how much their dyeing is going to cost

Once Finished , just click the add to cart button and proceed to check out. Remember you can always leave us a message inside the order's comment box with any instructions regarding the services.

Package with clothes


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